Tuesday, January 29, 2013

BWCA/Quetico Lake Database

I recently added a BWCA/Quetico Lake Database similar to the campsite database. Lakes around the BWCA and Quetico are also included. You can filter the lakes by location (Minnesota or Ontario), acres, number of campsites, whether there are trip reports associated with it, and by fish species present in the lake. Each lake has a link to a page with more details about the lake, including trip reports, campsites, portages, fish surveys, and lake contour maps (if available).

The acres for each lake are calculated based on the data that I have and do not represent official values given by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources or the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

The number of campsites, at the moment, includes both open and closed campsites. In the filter, I didn't specify between the two types.

For Minnesota lakes, the fish species filter is based on the fish surveys done by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. I obtained the data from the LakeFinder. For Ontario lakes, I obtained the data from the fish species atlases from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. For all fish data presented, just because a fish isn't listed does not mean it is not present in the lake. This is especially true for the Ontario data. I have noticed that there are many lakes where smallmouth bass are listed but I know for a fact that they are present in the lake. In the future, I will add a feature where users of the website can "add a fish" to a lake if they know the fish is there.

If you check more than one fish, it will search for lakes that have any of the checked fish, not all of them. I will work on having the all as an option.

I obtained the lake contour maps from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. I modified the images to fit over the maps the best that I could. I generally have started at the largest lakes and have been working down to the smallest. If there is contour map you would like to see on the website, email me with your request, and I will work on getting it as soon as possible. Even though this website is noncommercial, I have complied with the DNR's commercial use policy just in case (see the bottom of the LakeFinder page).

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