Tuesday, April 30, 2013

All BWCA/Quetico Routes are Finished!

This is a big day! I finally completed all of the Quetico routes for the RouteFinder on the interactive map. It took me about one year after I had finished all of the BWCA routes. Adding the Quetico to the RouteFinder turned out to be much more complicated than the BWCA for various reasons, which is part of the reason that it took so long.

RouteFinder Coverage - All Routes Completed
In the screenshot above, the green dots represent the various points in the "network." Each green dot, portage, campsite, and entry point are interconnected by routes. You can think of the dots, portages, campsites, and entry points as intersections that are connected by roads. (For a more complete explanation about how it works, see this blog post.)

Here are some statistics about the RouteFinder:
  • There are 31,509 route points (the green dots above) in the network.
  • Out of 4,298 campsites displayed on the map, 4,144 of them are connected to the RouteFinder. The remaining ones aren't connected because they are hiking campsites, in primitive management areas, or are on a lake with no apparent access to it.
  • There are 1,041 portages that can be routed to.
  • All 95 paddling/motor entry points can be routed to or from. The remaining 15 are hiking entry points.
  • Connecting all of these points, campsites, portages, and entry points are 104,775 routes. About 30,000 of these are in the BWCA. The rest are in the Quetico.
I will be tweaking a few things in the future, but the RouteFinder is now finished and available to all. Thank you to those that have given suggestions and encouraged me in this long process.

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