Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quetico RouteFinder Progression

A few days ago I made the Quetico available in the RouteFinder on the interactive map. However, since the Quetico routes are only half completed, the website will give you a warning when you try to route to a Quetico destination. The warning basically says that the routes for the Quetico aren't completed, so you might get unexpected results.

I am making pretty good progress on adding the Quetico routes. The new tools I made (see a previous blog post) have made it much easier to create all of the routes. If you are wanting to use the Quetico routes, here is the current coverage:

The green dots are where I have already put in routes. As you can see, the best coverage is in the northeast part of the park (Falls Chain-Kawnipi-Sturgeon). I also have finished connecting all of the border lakes to the BWCA routes. I am now planning on starting from the south and working my way north.

When I put in a route, it becomes immediately available, so this map will become outdated very quickly. I will try and keep you informed as to the current status of the RouteFinder.

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