Friday, March 15, 2013

Updated Quetico Fish Data

When I first added the fish survey data last year, the only data I could find for the Quetico lakes was the fish species atlas from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Some of the surveys were over two decades old, were hard to read, and had very poor coverage of the Quetico. At the time, it was the best data I could find, so I used it.

This week I found a better source of data for the Quetico fish surveys. I have used the Land Information Ontario service before (for the Quetico park and lake boundaries), but I never was able to find the fish survey data until now. (It was always there, I just didn't see it.)

I cleaned up the data and put it live on the website. There are now a lot more Quetico lakes with fish survey data. The data is also a lot more comprehensive than it was before. You can see it in either the lake database or the interactive map.

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